For Investors / Passive Income

Good to know: Earn Rewards on your investment in NFT Yacht Shares

We are using our NFTs to grant and record fractional ownership of our yachts. When you buy our NFTs you buy your pro-rata share of a real, ocean going, luxury cruiser. There is an actual asset with FIAT value that is comprehensively insured, backing your NFTs.

Accumulate the full collection of NFTs and the yacht is “yours!”

Our rewards program makes your dreams come true: Your WIND tokens can be redeemed against the purchase of more NFTs. Your WIND tokens can be redeemed against your dream holiday aboard your “own yacht”. Hold your NFTs as an investment to receive continuous rewards at a rate of 24% per year.

What makes this possible ?

Your investment / purchase of NFTs, funds the building of one particular yacht. Only enough NFTs are minted as a collection to cover this actual build. The relevant and limited availability of the NFT collection protects its value. This yacht will then be chartered out to generate the profits that is used to back the rewards.

Rewards are claimed in WIND per NFT, so the more NFTs you own, the more rewards you can claim.

WIND tokens can be used to pay for the charter. Your WIND qualifies you for a reduced charter rate.

Like in the fable of the goose that laid the golden eggs, the yacht NFTs (goose) will generate WIND (golden eggs).

WIND will drive up the value of the NFTs and carry us forward to the fulfilment of our dreams

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