What is Salient Yachts?

Our primary goal is to make yacht ownership accessible to everyone around the world. Where our users get rewarded for their share of ownership.

We achieve this through fractional asset ownership, utilizing blockchain and NFT technologies. Each yacht is divided into fractional shares with each share allocated to a NFT as part of a collection.

Built into the NFT smart contract is our rewards program, which uses our platform token. We named the token WIND. In the same way that wind keeps the yachts sailing, driving them on to their destination, WIND will power us forward and on to success!

This reward is automatically distributed continuously for a period of 10 years from minting date. The emission rate is equal to 24% per year based on the initial NFT & WIND prices. These rewards can be claimed at any time with direct interaction with the smart contract or by using our app.

Yacht ownership is only the first step in our planned ecosystem. We want expand this to include the construction of marinas and workshops at various locations around the world. Our yachts can be based at these locations or travel between them.

Our community can use their WIND rewards to book charters and holidays.

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