Tokens & Assets Information

WIND Token Distribution

A launch sale value of 1 WIND = 0.10 USD. The WIND token supply is minted on limited bases in proportion to the value of the assets we produce. Each NFT asset will mint a vested amount of WIND according to the current average WIND price and yacht model price at the time of minting. Each NFT has a built in vesting period, releasing WIND tokens continuously over 10 years at a rate 24% APR.

20% of the WIND total supply is minted initially, enough for the initial fund raising and the first yacht builds. The last 80% is only minted in proportion to the value of the new NFT asset rewards as we produce them.

Out of the Initial 16.4% Sales will consist of 65'000'000 WIND (13%) available for Memberships, private and public sales. The Team will have 7'000'000 WIND (1.4%) vested over a 10 year period (stream). The Liquidity Pools will get 10'000'000 (2%) The Yacht NFTs will get 18'000'000 (3.6%) for the first yacht builds

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