Tokens & Assets Information

SYP Token Distribution

A launch sale value of 1 SYP= 1 USD. The SYP token has a fixed and limited supply of 10 000 000. This will be used for our governance program. Initial sale will consist of 3 300 000 SYP (33%) available for private and public sale. The Team will keep 1 000 000 SYP (10%) vested over a 10 year period. The Liquidity Pools will get 400 000 (4%) locked for 5 years The Yacht NFTs will get 3% (300 000) as Bonus for the first 5 yachts built (1 SYP per NFT share) The remaining 5 000 000 (50%) will be used for staking WIND
After our launch sale of SYP, the first order of voting will be whether the next yacht will be built for sale or for fractional yacht ownership. If “Salient One” has not been sold at the time of the vote, the governance program can then vote if this yacht build contract should be changed to fractional ownership for charter.

WIND Token Distribution

A launch sale value of 1 WIND = 0.10 USD. The WIND token supply is minted on limited bases in proportion to the value of the assets we produce. Each NFT asset will mint a vested amount of WIND according to the current average WIND price and yacht model price at the time of minting. Each NFT has a built in vesting period, releasing WIND tokens continuously over 10 years at a rate 24% APR.