The Solution: Yacht Tokenization (NFT)

Hybrid tokenization is the intersection where radical forward-thinking and real-world implementation meet.

We are at the forefront of innovation by taking a Yacht Asset and fractionalizing the yacht into shares. We then deploy a NFT collection based on the number of yacht shares which is then represented by each NFT. Yacht ownership is authenticated through the above NFT contract created for the asset, the Title Registration of the yacht will be added as metadata to the NFT collection once built.

The concept of fractionalization in yacht ownership is not new, but our ground-breaking solution using NFTs will revolutionize the way people buy and sell yachts through digital ownership of the asset. This will allow anyone the option to own a share in a yacht and be rewarded. Our system can be implemented to achieve worldwide mainstream adoption, providing large-scale solutions to real-world problems.

Hybrid tokenization presents us with extensive opportunities for a Yacht Asset by fractionalizing the OWNERSHIP of the yacht into shares. Each share is INSURED, receives REWARDS and has VOTING rights, which is represented in the form of a Token. This new phase in the evolution of blockchain technology allows these shares to be easily transferable and liquid, which is unheard of in the yachting industry!

This will allow anyone the option to own a share in a yacht and be rewarded with a share of revenue.

FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP The buyers of the Fractional Share NFTs are then fractional owners of the Yacht. These NFTs will allow the holder to claim ownership of the asset (if they hold all of the fractional tokens / NFTs in the collection). These tokens will also be used to Vote on governance of the asset and claim rewards. These NFTs can be listed for sale on exchanges and marketplaces.

REWARDS PROGRAM Built into the NFT smart contract is our rewards program which uses our platform Token.

We named this WIND as it is exactly that, which powers us forward and keeps the yachts sailing!

This reward is automatically distributed at a continuous rate of 24% per year, based on the initial NFT price for a period of 10 years, the rewards due can be claimed at any time with direct interaction with the smart contract or by using our app.

REVENUE MODEL The NFT Yachts will be used in our charter partnerships. This varies from day charter, holiday charter and even scholarship / training services. The operational costs, insurance as well as care and maintenance are all taken care of as part of the charter. Our model allows for an annual ROI of 24% (2% of the yacht sale value per month) which is directed to NFT holders through our reward program. The revenue generated from the above charter will be used to repurchase WIND tokens from the users / open market. The repurchases will put continuous buying pressure on the market, driving up the value of the WIND token. Further uses for WIND include an affiliate program to grow our community and project awareness.

WIND repurchases will be used to add liquidity to the market to increase token stability.

Some will be burned, this decreases the available supply while increases the value of the token.

All token repurchases, amounts, burn values, average price, etc will be published on the website.

GOVERNANCE (VOTING) Each NFT acts a governance token can be used for voting on decisions such as where the yachts will charter etc. WIND holders will also be able to vote on company decisions such as which model will be built next etc. The voting will be on matters such as buyout offers, sale offers, short or long terms leasing / charters etc.

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