The Customers:

Customers are divided into three market segments: Charter Companies, Family Leisure Adventure, High Net Worth Individuals.

The Luxury and family pleasure Yacht industry has bottle necked due to the increased demand for 50-64ft Catamaran Yachts.

Lead time - large parts of the market are having to wait upwards of 6 years to get a new Catamaran Family Pleasure Yacht.

Factors driving Yacht demand:

Charter companies are waiting up to 6 years to get new vessels manufactured and delivered due to fabrication backlogs, being unable to operate or expand their business while they wait.

A growing group of YouTuber’s and social media influencers have popularized Pleasure Yacht excursions across every sea, stopping at tropical locations diving in crystal blue water.

Fractional ownership is known to be a more affordable way to own a share in a yacht by reducing the operating and maintenance costs, but it’s also out of reach for the average person.

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